Protein consumption and weight training,

If training heavy weights five days per week is it ok to go a little over the recommended protein consumption or stay in the guide lines.

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Yes it is however make sure you are aware of the amount of protein in your meals. For example wheat has gluten, gluten is protein. 30g of carbs can have 10g+ of protein before you add anything with it.
Muscle growth is more about the amount of testosterone in your body and not the amount of protein you consume.
You can naturally increase testosterone with fasting and increasing monounsaturated fats (which we do with EVO and Avocado) and reducing polyunsaturated fats (mostly plant based fats such as margarine and nuts (although some nuts do contain high levels of monounsaturated fat as well)). Excess fats even if they are healthy will effect fat loss so it is something that you can increase on your free day to boost testosterone.
You can also boost protein on your free day to make up for any short falls so long as you still consume a lot of carbs and time your meals if possible around your workouts so if you do train in the afternoon save your protein quota for that post workout meal with your remaining carb quota.
Protein in any form does limit the amount of other nutrients you can eat and it is the other macro nutrients that boost metabolism so it is hard to get a good balance when you are training so much.
If you are concerned about your intake and do not want to slow down fat loss during the week you can easily consume over 200g of protein on a free day which alone will cover that day plus at least 3 full diet days even with the lowest amount of protein consumed on those days. Your protein intake should also be calculated based on your muscle weight not total weight but as a general guide a healthy amount is your weight x 0.8g and to help calculate the rest of the weeks intake after your free day x the amount by 7 days less your free days amount / 6 days.
Such as 80kg (weight) x 0.8 = 64 x 7 (days) = 448 - 200 (free day protein amount) = 248 / 6 (days excluding your free day) = an average of 41g per day (50 per day if we have a full cleanse day or 2 half cleanse days).
This is how we calculate our recommended amount of protein per day. Even if you aimed for 1.2x your muscle weight the amount per day would be very similar.

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