What are the affects of alcohol?

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Alcohol gets pretty confusing when it comes to energy value.
It has little to do with carbs as even a low carb beer has a very high energy value. I am stating energy value as alcohol is energy and not classified as carbohydrates, like sugar alcohol in sugar free chocolate being hidden from the carb count. Both convert into energy just like carbs do.

Unlike good carbohydrates (glucose based, such as bread), alcohol does not boost thyroid metabolism. It does not store in muscles for later use, so therefore it must be utilised first as energy before any other consumed foods, including fats. It is for this reason that alcohol creates a different kind of craving compared to carbs and protein. Post alcohol cravings are generally for savoury, fatty foods rather than sugar (alcohol itself is basically a bad type of sugar).

Alcohol also affects metabolism usually 24-48hrs after consumption, so the next days morning weight might not be so bad but the same day will likely see a big weight gain regardless of what you eat (or don't eat).

So it is important to eat very lean if you plan to consume alcohol and limit the number of drinks you have.
There is a good U.K based web site that provides the value of alcohol in burgers, however it is relating to a standard high fat burger so you can increase the amount if you think about healthy home-made chicken burgers instead (such as 1 small glass of red wine = 1 burger).

As mentioned, this is not due to the sugar but more so the actual alcohol, so wine is a better choice than most alcoholic drinks.
The site is also incorrect in assuming that you can run the energy off, as running or any exercise causes greater hunger and a reduced long term metabolism due to oxygen use (brain calculating required energy when you sleep).

Web site address for calculating real energy in alcohol- (copy and paste into your browser)

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