Can I move my fast/cleanse day if it does not suit me?

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Yes you can move a Cleanse/Fast day however certain conditions must be met as well as noting the meals in the program so our diet consultants can see why the weights alter for that week.

Firstly if its going to be a continuous ongoing change then you will need to notify us so we can change your plan to suit.
Cleanse/Fast days are not compulsory however the days post and after generally must be altered.

Simply moving a Cleanse/Fast day will not work as you need a good metabolism prior in order to do a Cleanse in the first place.
A 50g carb day will not be sufficient prior.
You also need to ensure that you have 2 carb days back to back before a Cleanse/Fast.
Having a high carb day immediately after a previous Cleanse/Fast does not work as you need a decent metabolism in order to consume higher carbohydrates in the first place so generally a low carb day must always be prior to a higher carb day.

Confusing? Yes unfortunately it can be and it has taken years of trials to realise this was the case.
The best thing to do is inform your diet consultant which day you need to alter and he/she can advise you accordingly.

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