What is my best options for food consumption if I am going to drink alcohol?

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If you must drink then avoid the fats (including healthy fats) as much as possible and try and consume all your meals prior to the alcohol.
If you avoid the carbs thinking that the alcohol will contain the energy you will impact fat loss and metabolism so you must consume real metabolism boosting carbohydrates such as wheat even if you have alcohol.

Even sugar free alcohol contains a lot of energy (7 calories per gram or ml).
Carbohydrates only contain 4 calories, fat contains 9 calories.

The carbs chosen should be those that digest and store before the alcohol is consumed so you still have the metabolic boost as well as preventing fat gain (once the carbs are stored in your muscles after your liver is full which it will be after your first meals, the stored energy can not be transformed back into fat).
The alcohol on the other hand can not be absorbed by your muscles, only your liver which is unlikely to have the room so it is stored as fat.
Any fat consumed after alcohol will store as fat as your body will not need to break it down into energy with all the energy from the alcohol that needs to be removed from your system first (it's poison in your body as it's rejected by all organs so it must be stored a fat and then converted to energy later).
Any carbs absorbed after alcohol will also likely store as fat as the alcohol will still be in your blood stream when insulin removes the access energy so it will simply store with the alcohol in fat cells rather than going to your muscles.
Same applies to protein as it will not reach the muscles with alcohol present.

Alcohol and food equals fat gain.
If the food is consumed before the alcohol and you allow enough time for digestion and storage (3-5hrs) then at least the food won't be stored as fat however the alcohol will still impact metabolism so it's best to limit the amount or avoid at least initially until you are at your goal weight especially if you are doing food tests.

Alcohol generally affects metabolism for 24-48 hrs so what you consume the next day can also impact fat loss.

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