I had a good weightloss start this week but I have stalled?

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This can be due to several reasons which we will find our in time with the food tests.
Wednesdays food intake is most commonly the case.
If you don't get a good metabolism the fast or cleanse day is a waste and will not lose any body fat (fasting alone does not lose fat, you must have a good metabolism).
Fruit will slow down metabolism, white bread, potato and rice generally provide a quick metabolism boost however it is short lived and can have the same problem for only some people (this will also be tested).
This can sometimes be fixed by adding a small amount of carbs to the fast/cleanse day to re-boost metabolism without storing glycogen within muscles (we add enough to store in your liver alone)so it won't affect your weekend carbohydrate quota
This is also tested if issues occur.

This is why the tests are so important otherwise you will diet on certain days without results and ruin the week with just one days mistake (generally from eating less or just the wrong choices).

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