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(Questions asked by a client) I find it easier to simply have a store brought wrap over your recommended wraps and have it for lunch (first meal) rather than at night but I find it doesn't give me the same weight loss results. Why is that?

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When it comes to food choices wraps are not necessarily the healthiest option in case you were choosing so due to our using wraps as a recommended carbohydrate option.
The reason for this is the amount of carbohydrates in a standard wrap, even if the wrap is coloured (spinach or tomato etc.)or contains grains.
A standard wrap does actually have a considerable amount of carbohydrates as they are usually pretty large and wrap around the contents.
In most situations a wholegrain sandwich is better for you (not a roll).

I however would advise to skip carbohydrates with your first meal so you don't have to think about your last meal so much (more choices if you have your entire carbohydrate quota in one meal at night and a lot less cravings for sweets, especially during low carb days).

When ever possible go for the salad option and if you really want protein then add it to the salad rather than going for a bread option with your first meal (unless trialled with good results).

In all honesty you would still lose weight faster and maintain weight easier even if you chose to eat slightly less unhealthy such as bacon and eggs with a salad over a store brought grilled chicken wrap for your first meal (the fats in the meat will convert into energy without using up available carbohydrate space).

The issue with most peoples weight gain/control I believe is more to do with excess carbohydrates over too much fats.
I would even rather see a little cheese added during a test using your own food choices over seeing too many carbohydrates.
A single standard wrap can be 50g carbohydrates alone.
O.k if your dinner meal every night was similar but a single splurge on sweets and the excess will immediately turn into fat.
I would rather that you had the available space to store the excess carbohydrates when needed into your organs/muscles.

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