The Smart Diet

This is no ordinary mainstream diet

No calorie counting, avoiding carbohydrates or strenuous exercise.

In most cases, your food intake will be greater than before you started.

The secret science behind the Smart Diet is controlling hormones and glycogen (stored energy) levels.

This is acheived by timing meals and consuming certain types of foods, together with the use of the Smart Diet Carb Monitor, our exclusive system (and the only one of its kind), that ensures you consume the maximum carbohydrates required to stimulate thyroid metabolism, while preventing excess carbohydrates converting into fat (except when required to boost metabolism even further and increase weight loss).

By consuming as many carbohydrates as possible, when required, metabolism is kept stimulated so there is no need or benefit in trying to burn extra calories through exercise. The Smart Diet is the first diet ever to guarantee results without exercise.

So, you can diet the hard way with the likelyhood of a rebound or you can diet the Smart Diet way and keep the weight off for life.

This is also the only diet that monitors your progress on a daily basis (VIP Members), provides weekly tests to see what works best for you and most importantly of all, educates you in the process so you know what works when and why?

Every meal input (optional) is commented on and if better options are available you will be notified for next time without making the diet too strict to enjoy.

You will be amazed at just how wrong most diets are and understand why even the latest diets such as the 16/8 or 2 day fasting diets will unlikely work for you in the long term.

Everyone is different so we make our diet work around your lifestyle and prefered food options. We just inform you when, the amount and better options if your choices are not the best incase you decide to be healthier while you lose weight. We also try to maximise the food intake and allow for eating our as often as you like.

A proper SMART DIET is one you can stick to for life with ease, eat plenty of food, not rely on burning calories with physical activity and never miss out on your favourites for any longer than a few days, regardless of how bad they are.

The Smart Diet Carbohydrate Monitor

Combining over 6 years of computer programming and design with over a decade of food trials, our system delivers a success rate that is second to none

Our Smart Diet Monitor combined with the Smart Diet program allows, for the first time in dieting history, to know the amount of carbohydrates that is required to maximise metabolism without any access converting into body fat.

Most diets restrict carbohydrate intake as it is a form of energy so it is beleived that instead, without carbohydrates, body fat will be broken down and utilised. This presents some major future issues which makes permanent weightloss almost impossible and a strong likelyhood of increased weight gain (above your starting weight).

As everyone has a different energy requirement, providing a set amount of carbohydrates to consume each day would not work affectively.

There is also the issue of timing to ensure cravings are not increased to make dieting harder, carbohydrate cycling which alters the amount of carbohydrates you need on specific days when metabolism is already at it's peak and very importantly the type of carbohydrates needed on those specific days.

Our monitor is the first computer program to calculate the available space for carbohydrates to allow our diet program to work affectively, maximising carbohydrate intake for the best possible metabolism without any risk of additional carbohydrates converting into fat.

The more carbohydrates you consume, the greater the metabolic boost as well as the likelyhood of permanent fatloss and despite previous beliefs, if the timing and amount is right, you will achieve faster fat loss than any restrictive low carb diet.

Our list of clients using the Smart Diet program includes models, professional athletes and body builders.

The Smart Diet Carbohydrate Monitor includes a daily weight input area and optional food diary, plus the very important weekly test plans to determine exactly what works best for you, with your own food choices (based on a list of our recommendations for each meal.

The program ensures that you maximise food intake without any risk of weight gain while losing body fat until you reach your goal, designing a diet plan that affectively works specifically (and only) for you and your chosen lifestyle..